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Marco Almera original art for saleMarco Almera
Marco Almera creates underground posters, paintings, illustrations and stickers that involve rock bands, like Primus, Ween, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Man or Astro Man?. His work tends to reference traditional underground rock art imagery, like guitars and flames, and also incorporate a focus on tribal Tiki, Aztec and Mexican Dia De Los Muertos stylized art. His on-line gallery features original art, posters and stickers.

Nancy Breuninger Trompe L'Oeil paintingsNancy Breuninger
Nancy Breuninger's style of painting involves a "Trompe L'Oeil", or "Trick the Eye" technique of illusion. Her "Window" paintings are popular in corporate interior design, because these landscapes, visioned as seen through windows, create an illusion of space and light that brighten up any room. Breuninger's on-line gallery features her original acrylic landscape paintings.

Jeff Claassen original fine art for saleJeff Claassen
The underground "truly freestyle" original art of Jeff Claassen, in his paintings, posters, stickers, and on skateboards, has the look of tribal street art, with heavy, solid lines and bold color that he invents as he works.

Eichelberger Pop art For saleCurt Eichelberger
Eichelberger's style of modern Pop art, like traditional Pop art, is heavily influenced by urban and commercial culture. However, his work has a unique and contemporary look. The unusual and exciting results of his preferred medium, spray paint on plexiglass, receive rave reviews in art gallery showings.

Shepard Fairey original fine art for saleShepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey's Obey Giant public art and poster campaign has become, literally, giant, over the past decade. Shepard now produces the designs of his silk-screened limited posters in high-end gallery editions. These hand-pulled silk-screens are printed onto weathered wood, weathered aluminum, and canvas, and only produced in an edition of two for each design. A rare find for collectors!

Ami Lawson original fine art for saleAmi Lawson
Ami Lawson's photography often incorporates the textures and color harmonies that emerge from aged and weathered natural surfaces. The compositions she shoots have a warmth and sense of familiarity about them. Each piece is framed in a copper frame, treated with patina, hand-made by Ami to complement the photograph. Original fine art as well as Greeting card sets featuring Ami's photography are available at her on-line gallery.

Lorna Ritz original fine art for saleLorna Ritz
Lorna Ritz's abstract paintings have a rugged texture and earthy color palette that evoke themes of nature. Lorna affectionately labors over a large canvas until the juxtaposition of colors and textures vibrate, and visually play off one another for a striking and dynamic visual experience. A true emotionalist, Lorna also creates scenic landscape drawings in gorgeous radiant color that she works in energetic strokes.

Courtney Utt original fine art for saleCourtney Utt
The myriad of photography by the prolific Courtney Utt spans a broad range of style and subject. Her Nostalgia Series presents a stylized retro-look, examining simple scenes and objects in rich lighting, and incorporating elements like blurriness and heavy grain for a sentimental touch. Courtney's photography from Europe and Israel capture narrative street imagery like political graffiti and propaganda, and also a range of beautifully composed shots of urban, country and architectural scenes and landscapes. Courtney also creates hand-made artist books. Some of these books are illustrated, some contain blank pages, but each one is a unique and sophisticated design.

Workhorse original fine art for saleWorkhorse (Logan Hicks)
Workhorse is the moniker of artist Logan Hicks, a Baltimore native who now resides in southern California. A longtime fixture in the "lowbrow" American art community, Hicks adopted the name "Workhorse" eight years ago, while forming his commercial screen-printing company. The stenciled/spray-painted method that Hicks currently uses in his pop-stylized paintings mimics this screen-printing process.


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